Technical Features of GoTrunk

Posted on: 2016-07-28 | Categories: SIP VoIP

SIP Trunking technology enables you to make  calls and manage your business connections in an entirely new way. Such possibilities are not available with the traditional telephony (PSTN) and if you want to benefit from the newest telecommunication options, we encourage you to upgrade your PBX to SIP trunking technology. More and more enterprises become convinced by the multiple profits of SIP based telecommunications and are massively switching their systems to this kind of solution. We are sure that the presented features will give you some solid arguments to give it a try. You are faced with a  great opportunity not only to improve your business communications but also to increase your control over costs (and lower them significantly).

Virtual Numbers

One of the best features offered by SIP providers are virtual telephone numbers. In the case of GoTrunk, it means you have access to telephone numbers in more than 4000 cities worldwide. What it basically means is that  a potential customer gets the impression that your business has offices all around the world. Virtual numbers look as if they were regular numbers, so there is no confusion and complication for the potential customer. The incoming calls are routed to your Virtual Reception where you can simply dispatch them and redirect the caller to the right department or extension number.

Call Recording, Call Statistics and Unlimited Storage

Another simple and extremely useful feature is Call Recording which you can use either manually or automatically: recording example conversations for the training purposes, gathering data needed for  sales  or various other business purposes. What’s more, all of your call history and expenditures can be easily analyzed with the use of handy online tool

Call Statistics which presents all the most important information and trends  in the form of graphs.

Once you have gathered a lot of recordings, you don’t have to bother where to store them. The SIP provider gives you the unlimited and easily accessible virtual space where you can store all  your recordings for so long as you need.

Emergency Calling Services

So far not too many VoIP or SIP Trunking suppliers have been offering  emergency calling services due to some technical challenges connected with the Internet-based nature of VoIP. The main obstacle is the lack of possibility to locate the caller in the situation when he or she is not able to speak and say where he or she is precisely located. Another barrier occurs when there is a lack of power supply or broadband Internet connection that are essential for VoIP based transmission to work in contrast with  traditional landline infrastructure which is not affected by these issues.

However some of the most advanced VoIP providers managed to overcome these obstacles and provide E911 calling. The example of such a provider is both VoIPstudio and GoTrunk which offer emergency calling for users from the UK and USA. Emergency calling is possible once the location for E911 has been manually set.

Web Panel

Every action connected with the management of your phone calls and SIP configuration can be easily monitored and modified through very clear and easily accessible Web Panel. You can use it across differents devices: PC’s, smartphones, notebooks and other internet enabled devices.

Vendor Independent

As we are trying to maximise the availability and flexibility of our service, we never force you to transition to any specific PBX provider. Our technical settings  support open SIP standards which are compatible with the following:

Quality Control

What you can be sure about is that as a customer of GoTrunk you are guaranteed of the best possible call quality. Our engineering team have a constant look at all the current issues connected with the managed network. You can also monitor the quality of calls as well as your SIP traffic in real-time on your own and react immediately if needed.

And More

These are not the only compelling technical features that enrich the comfort of using SIP Trunking. You should also be aware of other functionalities, such as, IP Interconnect Monitoring which automatically checks whether the IP link between our network and the client’s IP PBX and GoTrunk is entirely operational in any case. In order to simplify billing and management of your telecom expenditures, we’ve created a special option which allows for creating as many Multiple Sip Endpoints as your business needs. All of these endpoints can be managed under one unified GoTrunk account. Another useful GoTrunk option – FTP CDR Access – gives you the opportunity to quickly and easily access your Call Details Records (CDR) with the use of simple FTP tools.

As you can see, there are multiple awesome technical functionalities within the GoTrunk service. Try it for free during the 30-day trial and check whether it meets your expectations (or rather see how well it does).