Benefits to connect GoTrunk to your PBX server

Posted on: 2021-08-04 | Categories: SIP Trunking

GoTrunk is powerful solution to use it as a first option when connecting your PBX to the public telephone network PSTN, easily add numbers and route them to your server. But if you already have a trunk SIP provider you could use GoTrunk as Fallback option or as a cost effective route fore required destinations. Check our termination rates.

Here you can find some of the advantages of using GoTrunk as a backup SIP trunk alternative or even as a main trunk solution.

Why should I use GoTrunk as a backup or fallback?

  • You have no monthly fee and you only pay for the calls you make. So you can connect the trunk and simply leave some remaining balance for calls in case it is necessary to make use of it when main trunk fail.
  • You can add call presentation numbers that you already have with another operator and use them to present your outboun GoTrunk calls.
  • Real-time web control panel that allows you to monitor traffic and make necessary adjustments.

Why use GoTrunk as a companion output?

In addition to not having a fixed monthly fee,

  • We are an operator with international termination with a great diversity of countries connectivity and excellent international rates. For example, you can call the United States from 1.2 cents a minute. You can check the rest of international rates on our website.

Therefore, by correctly configuring your PBX, you can use the trunk that best suits you for each destination.

  • We can offer you access to emergency calls.

What if you use GoTrunk as your primary trunk?

  • Very competitive national and international call rates.
  • You can get a UK Geo number from € 5 one time payment set up and € 5 per month. We can offer inbound numbering from more than 70 countries and thousands of cities around the world. Check the available numbering and prices. 
  • We can find business numbers that meet your needs.
  • You can easily monitor and adjust your SIP termination settings through a Web Panel. You can take a look without registration to our panel from this link. 
  • Call recording, call statistics and unlimited storage.
  • Emergency call services. Until now, not many VoIP or SIP trunking providers have been offering emergency call services due to some technical challenges related to the Internet-based nature of VoIP.  
  • Quality control. Our team of engineers constantly observes all current issues related to the managed network. They can also monitor the quality of calls as well as your SIP traffic in real time on their own and react immediately if necessary.
  • FTP access to call log and recordings.

On GoTrunk we also provide 

  • A free 30-day trial ideal to test compatibility with your PBX and verify call quality.
  • Support in the trunk configuration of your IP PBX. We do not just pass the configuration parameters, we are available to help you configure the SIP Trunk in your IP PBX if you need it.
  • Immediate service set-up and quickly purchase or add new DDI
  • Redundant and highly availability infrastructure.
  • No contract and without cancellation fees.

Start our free trial and discover the advantages of using Go Trunk as a backup SIP Trunk.