GoTrunk is a younger sister of VoIPstudio, our cloud PBX.

Posted on: 2016-06-29 | Categories: SIP SIP Trunking VoIP

GoTrunk is a sister product of our flagship, VoIPstudio (a cloud PBX)

Hosted VoIP is all the rage these days with many businesses opting for cloud hosted PBX systems to reduce costs and maintenance hassles. But these solutions are not suitable for every business out there.

SIP trunking (GoTrunk) versus Hosted VoIP (VoIPstudio)

It is quite easy to get confused between SIP trunks and hosted VoIP as they appear to solve the same problem of voice communication for enterprises. However they are very different in how they are implemented or used.


Hosted VoIP essentially takes the enterprise PBX box and puts it in the cloud. There is nothing for the organization to install, setup or deploy. If this applies to you, you had better visit the VoIPstudio website and sign up for a 30-day FREE trial of our cloud PBX. 

But what if a company has the expertise to set up its own PBX? What if they need the control and flexibility that comes with managing their own equipment? Organizations that already have their own IP PBX equipment and who have made considerable investments in SIP compliant hardware/software may not want to throw all that away for hosted VoIP. Then there are companies that require unique solutions that are customized to their needs and businesses that cannot use hosted systems for regulatory compliance.

SIP trunking allows businesses to use any IP PBX of their choice with SIP trunks to connect to the PSTN. They are not limited to the functionality or features offered by the service provider. Upgrade paths and software updates will not be dictated by an external vendor. World class SIP trunking is now being offered by GoTrunk – a new service brought to the market by experienced engineers, specifically for enterprises.

GoTrunk Features

Compatibility with most SIP-based PBX systems

SIP is the basic protocol that is the underlying basis for many VoIP systems. It stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is an open source standard making it wildly popular. There are many open source software implementations of IP PBX that rely on SIP such as Asterix. Unlike proprietary PBX systems, these SIP-based solutions can talk to each other freely.

This is why GoTrunk offers not only compatibility with any open source SIP based PBX system but also seamlessly integrates with major software like Asterix and 3CX. It provides two advantages to the enterprise:

  1. You can use any SIP-based open source PBX software of your choice instead of being restricted to the one provided by your hosted VoIP vendor. Neither are you limited to a handful of alternatives that are the only options which work well with your SIP trunking provider. As long as the PBX is based on SIP, it will work with GoTrunk
  2. You don’t lose any of the time or effort spent in perfecting and customizing your SIP solution if you decide to switch to another SIP trunking provider. You can simply continue using the same IP PBX with the new SIP trunks.

Quick and Easy Deployment

One of the reasons hosted VoIP is so popular is because it requires very little time to set up or maintain. Some businesses shy away from implementing their own solutions because of the tremendous effort required. GoTrunk swings the balance in the opposite direction by making it easy for organizations to implement SIP trunking. In fact, the sign up and set up process for GoTrunk is just as quick as using hosted VoIP.

For businesses that have already set up their IP PBX or complete SIP telephony solutions, getting started with GoTrunk can take just a few minutes!

Web Dashboard

Just as you can configure your IP PBX from the dashboard, GoTrunk offers a web panel for business owners to configure their SIP deployment. The web panel can be accessed from any device – whether it is a computer or mobile phone. So if any changes are to be made, you can make them from anywhere in the world, through any device with an Internet connection.

GoTrunk also offers multipoint registration which means you can add any number of SIP endpoints through a single account for easy management. Managing your SIP trunks just became so much easier.

Quality Control and Monitoring

GoTrunk offers a number of tools that allow your organization to monitor and control call quality. You can monitor voice traffic – both incoming and outgoing – in real-time to determine if there are any issues that need to be solved quickly before they escalate into serious problems. Troubleshooting becomes significantly effortless if you have real-time insight into what’s happening on your network. In addition, there are automated checks to ensure that  links between your PBX and the rest of the network are working at all times.

While real-time monitoring tools are useful for technical troubleshooting, your business also has access to detailed call records for more efficient management. Expenses, calling patterns in the history of specific or all numbers can be easily analyzed and recorded.

GoTrunk provides your organization with all the benefits of SIP trunking while minimizing the drawbacks as much as possible. Each call costs significantly less than what is provided by traditional phone operators and in most cases, is even cheaper than hosted VoIP. It is especially beneficial for call centers, technical and customer support centers, large multinational organizations etc. that have incredibly high call volumes. The service also offers a plethora of business focused features that are usually not very common. In spite of all the engineering and technology involved, it should also not take businesses more than a few hours to be up and running with GoTrunk and their own SIP solution. SIP trunking has become easy-to-use while still enabling enterprises to have full control of their voice communication systems.