GoTrunk – SIP Trunking Flexibility and Power

Posted on: 2016-09-13 | Categories: SIP

SIP trunking is a fast growing segment within the VoIP industry in many countries around the world. Although hosted VoIP often seems to grab the spotlight, SIP trunks offer a host of benefits to businesses of any size. SIP trunking offers better return on investment over the long-term and enterprises are beginning to realize just how useful it can be.

However trying to choose between the various providers in the market is as much a headache for SIP trunks as it is for hosted VoIP services. Some vendors specialize in certain industries or client size while others compete aggressively on pricing or feature set. Rather than providing only a certain portfolio of services or hitting a particular price point, GoTrunk aims to offer a comprehensive SIP trunking service for organizations that covers all their needs and requirements.

What Do SIP trunks Offer?

SIP trunks can be deployed in many configurations and can be used to fulfill different communication needs. But one of the primary purposes of having an SIP trunk is to provide connectivity with the analog PSTN network. Since not every device in the world offers SIP compatibility or is capable of making/receiving VoIP calls, enterprises need to be able to connect to PSTN landlines and conventional mobile phones from their internal networks as well.

SIP trunking flexibility also provides connectivity between multiple SIP devices. This means that a SIP endpoint or client can communicate with any other without having to go through a gateway access device. In fact, quite a few vendors offer free calls between SIP clients since they do not have to pay any termination fees. Apart from PSTN and SIP connectivity, other communication channels such as video, instant messaging etc. can also be laid on top of SIP trunks.

PSTN Termination by GoTrunk

GoTrunk offers exceptional value to business customers by providing the VoIP calls to compatible SIP devices – both within and outside their own VoIPstudio network. But the job of SIP trunks doesn’t end there. Even though many consumers are moving away from landlines and switching to VoIP completely, businesses still have to deal with analog voice networks and devices frequently. PSTN termination in various countries around the world is an important requirement for SIP trunks and GoTrunk fulfills that role admirably.

Business organizations can benefit from PSTN termination in hundreds of countries around the world through SIP trunking services provided by GoTrunk. These SIP trunks are available internationally which means that organizations do not have to worry about dealing with different providers in different geographic areas. Users don’t have to struggle with competing standards or interfaces and do not have to change their behavior according to application, location or any other parameter.

In addition to providing the service, the per minute call charges on GoTrunk are very competitive when compared to other providers and are only a fraction of the price charged by traditional phone operators for long-distance or international calling. This combination of price and features allows businesses to concentrate on revenue, productivity and profits rather than worry about monthly phone bills.

PSTN Origination on GoTrunk

As you can guess from the name, PSTN origination happens in the reverse direction from PSTN termination. When outgoing calls from your company are made to a landline on the PSTN, they have to be ‘terminated’ there. Similarly, calls made from the PSTN landline to a SIP client on your network also need to be connected.

This brings us to the question of people in different countries trying to reach SIP clients located in other countries. Businesses often have to deal with partners, distributors as well as customers who may be located quite far away. For instance an organization that operates in five different countries will need to be able to take calls from anywhere. However for the person who is calling from a PSTN landline, call charges can be exorbitant because it counts as a long distance call.

This is where local access numbers or virtual SIP numbers prove their usefulness. By using these virtual numbers, organizations can create a local presence in any market where they wish to operate. This allows customers or partners to contact them easily at local rates rather than paying international calling charges. These local access numbers are often very inexpensive compared to getting toll free numbers in every country that the business operates.

GoTrunk provides virtual SIP numbers in at least 4000 cities around the world. Local numbers can be purchased from more than 50 countries for a very low monthly fee. These numbers can be created, added and removed as per changing requirements and businesses don’t have to be stuck with extra numbers that they don’t need.

SIP Trunking Convenience with a Single Account

GoTrunk allows companies to access a multitude of features in one easy to use and comprehensive package. Clients do not need different accounts to manage services for different offices that may be scattered around the world. In fact, the same account can be used to purchase services on GoTrunk as well as VoIPstudio for different parts of the same organization. This means that businesses can take advantage of SIP trunks as well as hosted VoIP services depending on which suits their requirements.

A single, global account ties everything together offering many conveniences and flexibility. Businesses don’t have to juggle multiple bills with different payment dates and terms. GoTrunk can serve all your communication needs  – whether you are a small business or a multinational.