GoTrunk – the easy, ready to run SIP trunking solution

Posted on: 2016-10-07 | Categories: SIP

Any business that wishes to upgrade to VoIP has to make a decision on which particular alternative – SIP trunking solutions or hosted services from an external vendor – is the best choice for them. A person familiar with the technology would know that both have their benefits and drawbacks. There is no perfect solution that would be suitable for every organization.

Yet the average person generally thinks that hosted VoIP is superior to SIP trunks, thanks to marketing and the media spotlight on the former. It is true that hosted VoIP is inexpensive (at least in the initial stages), does not require much expertise or knowledge to get started and is maintenance free. But we shouldn’t forget that SIP trunking solutions also come with their own set of advantages.

GoTrunk – Making It Easy to Use SIP Trunks

GoTrunk is a service from Level 7 Systems that aims to make SIP trunks as easy to use as hosted VoIP. If you ask someone about the benefits of hosted VoIP, there are a few answers you will receive immediately:

  • It is inexpensive
  • It is easy to use
  • Setting up and configuring settings doesn’t take much time
  • No maintenance required

Of course, there is more to hosted services than just the above advantages but these are likely to be the top reasons for any business thinking about upgrading to VoIP.

GoTrunk offers similar benefits for enterprise SIP trunking. The service offers competitive prices for SIP trunks. There is very little maintenance on a daily basis and you don’t have to hire experts to set it up. Just like hosted solutions, GoTrunk also has an online dashboard that the organization can use to configure the trunking service. Apart from this, GoTrunk has many other advantages that are hard to come by with hosted services.

Total Cost of Ownership

Hosted VoIP may be inexpensive in the beginning but the monthly bills quickly add up, especially for midsize or large organizations. No business wants to discard a new technology within a few months or years of investing in it. So rather than only thinking about the costs for the next two years, organizations should estimate the total cost of different services for a longer horizon. If you compare the long term costs of both alternatives, GoTrunk gives a much better return on investment.

SIP Compatibility

The services offered by GoTrunk are based on the open and standardized SIP protocol. It means your organization is not limited to a particular PBX system, customized hardware or other such considerations. A business can easily switch to any IP PBX software that they like (there are many free alternatives available in the market) or even move to a different SIP trunking provider without much hassle. There is no need to lose all the time, effort and knowledge that we have invested in setting up the VoIP network.

Scale Up or Down with SIP Trunking Solutions

An important difference between GoTrunk and more traditional trunks from phone operators is that you are not limited to a predefined number of sessions. You don’t have to estimate how many trunks you need in advance. Your business shouldn’t have to worry about going over capacity. You can add as many trunks as required to cope with sudden spikes in demand, seasonal fluctuations or long term growth. The inverse is true as well – your business will not pay for trunks that are lying unused. Adding or removing extra users takes a little time and not much effort.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Emergencies or disasters are not exactly the scenarios that an organization wants to think about but emergency preparedness is a vital aspect of strategic planning. Whether it is a natural disaster like a fire or a man made one such as a hardware malfunction, the business should be ready to deal with it. Unfortunately, phone systems are often one of the first casualties in a disaster.

With analog phone systems, it is difficult for users to resume working should something go wrong. Even if you are able to move employees to another building, you may not have access to your original phone numbers and lines. It effectively means that you cannot work until the phones are back up.

Since GoTrunk routes voice calls over the Internet, your employees can continue to work from any location – be it their home or another office. Suppose a fire burns down your office building. Your employees can still make and receive calls from laptops and other computing hardware regardless of location. But what happens if your service provider has problems? This is why GoTrunk has multiple data centers around the world. It offers an extra layer of resiliency to your business.

GoTrunk is a great alternative to hosted services for many businesses. Give SIP trunks a chance and you may be surprised with the results. Get started with a simple trial today.