7 Business Features of GoTrunk Which Save Your Money

Posted on: 2016-08-04 | Categories: SIP SIP Trunking


We’ve made every effort to make GoTrunk the best SIP trunking solution that will meet all of your business needs. What proves this fact is a big number of outstanding business features designed to make our SIP trunking service easy to use and much more economical in comparison to standard telecommunications solutions.

In this article, we want to show you that our offer covers the most compelling and competitive solutions which are invented to maximally reduce the costs of phone calls in your company and give you the best quality of service.

Free Internet Calls

The most popular feature of GoTrunk is the possibility of making absolutely free calls between all of your employees regardless of their physical location.

This feature will undoubtedly lower your overall phone call costs and, in a way, improve the communication between people in your company enhancing the effectiveness of their work and cooperation.

Reduced Call Rates

What’s more, because of the Internet-based nature of our services, the overall call rates are much lower relative to traditional telecoms operators and even competing VoIP providers. The differences in charges can be as high as 1,12 EUR per minute if you want to call mobile phones in the USA from another country.

What’s more, GoTrunk offers you a really wide range of destination countries (over 60 – either landline or mobile phones) and it’s still increasing its range.   

Pay As You Grow

Another great feature lets you instantly add new users to the panel without the need of signing any contract which would determine a specific number of users. Once you create a new account, you can activate and configure it within seconds. Removing users that you don’t need anymore is as simple as adding the new ones.  

The flexible nature of our system lets you grow your business  in a special way, minimizing the amount of additional configuration and additional charges during seasonal fluctuations and special circumstances of your industry.

One Second Billing

Yet another feature which contributes to costs reduction is our way of call time charging which is always per second in contrast to many other phone services which round up your call time to the nearest minute.

That means you pay strictly for the time you have really used. For example, if your call lasts 3,5 minutes, you are charged for 3,5 minutes. Equivalently, if your call lasts 2 seconds you are charged for 2 seconds and not for the whole minute.

On the other hand, in the case of per minute billing you pay by the minute i.e. you pay the full rate despite using only 1 second of the last minute.

Tthere is no doubt that per-second way of billing is more cost-efficient  than commonly used per minute charging. Additionally, GoTrunk offers you a 30-day FREE trial and doesn’t require credit card information to let you make the most of its trial.

Flexible Call Rates

As we are strongly focused on the business industry, we understand the specific nature of the development and transformation aspects characterizing enterprise activities.

That’s why we offer you extremely flexible prices so that you can get the best possible price-to-quality ratio and adjust our offer to your specific needs.

Free Inbound Calls

While most  outbound calls are charged according to the provider’s pricing plans, almost all the inbound calls are totally free (besides Toll Free numbers beginning with one of the following prefixes: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855 or 844).

Toll free numbers are  free for the callers while all the call costs are paid by the other party.  Besides that, you can adjust your call volumes and route them according to your needs with the use of our web panel.

Centralized Billing

With GoTrunk you can have one account  which will be sufficient to manage all your payment obligations and have them reduced to a single bill and one invoice for all your calling activities. Sticking to just one GoTrunk account you are freed from the necessity of handling multiple bills and invoices from various telecommunication providers. Such simplification can greatly reduce your costs  and simply save your valueable time.

As you can see, there are a lot of various, savings-related advantages which make our SIP trunking service one of the best (if not the best) options on the marketplace. Only few of our competitors offer so many useful functionalities with one service.

If you are not fully convinced, try our 30-day free trial (no credit card information is required). During the trial period you can use all of  our features and make of our excellent 24/7 support waiting to help you every step of the way.