3CX SIP Trunk Software – How Does it Stack Up?

Posted on: 2019-05-22 | Categories: SIP

Businesses looking for a modern phone system almost always choose VoIP. The technology is all set to replace the PSTN sometime over the next few decades. Even otherwise, VoIP offers so much functionality for a low price compared to analog phone systems. It’s no wonder everyone is getting ready to switch!

Hosted VoIP vs SIP Trunking

If you’re considering the switch, you’re faced with 2 popular options. One is to can use a hosted VoIP service from a reputable vendor. They take care of maintenance, setup, and everything else. Call features are delivered through your internet connection.

The second option is to use SIP trunks. The word trunk is a misnomer. SIP trunks are not made of physical wires like traditional PR1 lines. They are a virtual connection between your office and the ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider). A SIP trunk allows you to make outbound calls to the PSTN.

SIP Trunk Software

SIP trunking needs several things to work. Apart from the trunk itself, you also need an IP-PBX. This is the software that gives you calling features. You need the PBX to connect gateways, SIP trunks, and the actual phones. Once properly setup, it takes care of call routing and management.

The world of VoIP is full of choices at every step. Selecting a PBX is no different. You have hundreds of options available from outright free to ones that need payment. While it is tempting to use free PBX software, the paid options generally have more support. One such product is 3CX SIP trunk software.

What is 3CX?

3CX is a software based PBX that is based on open standards, mainly the SIP protocol. It supports VoIP calling and offers unified communication features as well. You can do things like send faxes, host online meetings, send voicemails to email, use messaging, and group video calls for enterprises.

It supports multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. With several plans like standard, pro, and enterprise, it’s suitable for businesses of any size. It even offers a free option and a trial for 40 days so you can check if it’s suitable for your needs.

Setup and Maintenance

One of the reasons many enterprises hesitate to choose SIP trunking is the hassle of setup and maintenance. 3CX makes setup and easy as possible. With support for automatic provisioning, you no longer have to configure individual phones or other hardware. It’s as simple as plugging the device in! You can install 3CX on your own servers or in the cloud with an existing account. What if your business is small and doesn’t have a server? Install 3CX on a low-cost PC or even a Raspberry Pi!

Ease of Use

3CX offers a streamlined interface that’s intuitive for end users. You don’t need any technical knowledge or experience to change your settings or configure new features. Imagine all the time you could save when employees don’t have to spend hours on configuring the phones!

3CX also automates many tasks like backup, managing updates, and even security. In fact, the system is known for being highly secure. Considering the rash of data breaches and fraud in the news, security is a top concern for corporations

Unified Communication

3CX especially shines when it comes to unified communication. Get access to instant chat, web clients, video conferencing, integration with CRM software, and much more. You even get click to call functionality which converts phone numbers online to clickable buttons! If your office has tech support or customer service department, such features are invaluable.

Cost Effective

The 3CX SIP trunk software is also cost-effective. The simplified pricing plans make it easy to manage your monthly bills. With standardized plans, all the features you want are included in the package. There are no add-on options, ‘premium’ features or other charges that surprise you when the bill comes!

3CX eliminates the issue of licensing per extension as well. You only pay for the number concurrent calls you make, not all the extensions in the office! This is a boon of companies of any size. After all, almost every business wants a system that fits within their budget. Some companies even make do with the free version, although that does not come with support.

As with any software or technology, there is no one size fits all when it comes to PBX systems. The best method is to make a list of your business needs and find a system that delivers it. With support for a wide variety of SIP trunk solutions and SIP phones, 3CX is certainly a good option. Whether you’re just looking for VoIP calling or a unified communication suite, 3CX offers it all!