Business Telephone Numbers in Finland

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Country phone code: +358

Available National NumbersArea CodeSetup FeeMonthly Rental
National(75)US$ 6.23US$ 6.23
Available CityArea CodeSetup FeeMonthly Rental
Helsinki 9US$ 6.23US$ 6.23
Keski-suomi 14US$ 6.23US$ 6.23
Kuopio 17US$ 6.23US$ 6.23
Kymi 5US$ 6.23US$ 6.23
Lappi 16US$ 6.23US$ 6.23
Mikkeli 15US$ 6.23US$ 6.23
Oulu 8US$ 6.23US$ 6.23
Pohjois-karjala 13US$ 6.23US$ 6.23
Tampere 3US$ 6.23US$ 6.23
Turku 2US$ 6.23US$ 6.23
Uusimaa 19US$ 6.23US$ 6.23
Vaasa 6US$ 6.23US$ 6.23
Toll FreeArea CodeSetup FeeMonthly RentalUsage Fee
Toll Free 800US$ 47.38US$ 47.38US$ 0.29

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