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SIP Trunking vs Hosted VoIP

Posted on: 2016-08-02 | Categories: SIP SIP Trunking VoIP | 0 Comments

Long-running debates in technology are nothing new. People have been arguing about Windows vs Mac or Android vs iOS for years – with mostly nothing to show for it. Sometimes a particular standard or format may win out in the end such as VHS triumphing over Betamax but for the most part, the competing technologies…

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SIP Trunking Basics

Posted on: 2016-08-01 | Categories: SIP SIP Trunking | 0 Comments

SIP trunking is quickly becoming a great alternative to the PSTN based for enterprises, both big and small. SIP trunks offer lower costs, better efficiency and enhanced reliability. These are advantages that businesses cannot afford to ignore any longer. While some organizations prefer hosted VoIP services, SIP trunks can be the more suitable alternative under…

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Why are SIP trunks Needed in VoIP?

Posted on: 2016-07-11 | Categories: SIP VoIP VoIP Technology | 237 Comments

VoIP is no longer a new technology in 2016. It has been steadily gaining momentum over the last two decades and is now set to replace the PSTN in many countries by 2025. Yet not many people and organizations understand the terminology, its requirements or even how it can be used effectively. The first point…

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SIP Trunking Providers: What Makes GoTrunk Different

Posted on: 2016-07-05 | Categories: SIP SIP Trunking SIP Trunking Providers | 0 Comments

The pace of VoIP adoption has accelerated in the past five years and growth is expected to continue for the next decade. Until now, many organizations have postponed the transition due to a number of reasons but the impending PSTN switch off in some countries (the US, the UK, France and Germany to name a…

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What is SIP?

Posted on: 2016-06-14 | Categories: SIP SIP Trunking | 233 Comments

What is SIP? What does it mean? You will learn all about it in this post. Entering the world of VoIP for the first time can seem daunting, what with all the technical jargon and acronyms. Even the name of the technology is an acronym! VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and what is…

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